Sisters – Sisters

This is a blog post more on the personal side. My younger sister Lena came to visit me here in Vancouver, WA. That made me real excited cause that meant that I would have a model for 9 days who I could practice new lighting techniques and ideas with . My sister and I have […]

First shoot on the West Coast

This was my first photo shoot since our move in December. Almost all boxes are unpacked now and it is starting to feel like home. The Northwest has so much to offer location wise which makes me super excited! Sarah knew a cool location south of Portland. It was cold and windy but the sun […]

Francesca – Baltimore Harbor

Baltimores Inner Harbor/Federal Hill has been my favorite place in Baltimore. I just had to do a photoshoot there before moving. Francesca was brave enough to put on one of my gowns and to go out in the cold. It was well woth it.

Ice Queen

Monday morning when I woke up and looked outside I saw a wonderland. I jumped out of bed put makeup on – tried to do my hair and headed out behind our apartment building to take some winterwonderland images. I love frost-covered trees but ice did the job as well … What could be more […]