I create beautiful photographs of gorgeous people. All people are gorgeous in my eyes and I can show that to the world in the way I capture them with my camera. I love going to secret places with my clients to include nature’s beauty in my images. I work together with my clients to plan their shoots. We combine our ideas and create the ultimate unique experience which without doubt leads to the most amazing images. It is not just a photo shoot, it is an experience. Afterwards, my clients will have beautiful photographs which they can hand down for generations.

I love using the sun to light my subjects but I also like to experiment with alternative lighting techniques. A reflector to fill in shadows on my subjects face is my go to. I also use flash for a more dramatic and fashionable look. I am diverse. I don’t like limiting myself to just one thing. That’s why I always try out new techniques and keep educating myself. This makes each of my photographs unique.

My inspiration comes mostly from nature. Gods great creation – earth – is incredibly beautiful and there are so many amazing things to see. A waterfall, a mountain creek, a sunset, waves breaking, birds flying and so much more feeds my soul and creativity. I love being in the outdoors – this is where I can refuel.

I am not afraid to take risks. I will climb a tree, get soaking wet in the rain, or get hit by a wave to get the photograph I want.


Quick facts:

My husband is my bestestes friend
I’m German
World traveller

gif-slowmo-hat cinema-slowmo-side-eyeblink cinema-slowmo-hairfan-gray


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