Summer Mermaid Fun

It had been my dream to get an underwater case for my DSLR for a while now. So right in time for summer I just decided to go for it and purchased the Ewa-Marine bag. That was back in June and I have used it for many underwater shoots since then. Here are a few of my favorites from this summer…

Cornelia Underwater Fashion-1 Cornelia Underwater Fashion-8 Cornelia Underwater Fashion-25 Savannah Underwater Fashion-4 Savannah Underwater Fashion-7 Savannah Underwater Fashion-9 Savannah Underwater Fashion-3 Shay Underwater Photography-6 Shay Underwater Photography-10 Shay Underwater Photography-18 Shay Underwater Photography-30

I am not ready for summer to be over but I am never ready. I wish it would be summer all year round. There is something beautiful about all four season though …

If you are interested in booking a mermaid session before fall starts contact me and we can set something up. Mermaid session are also a great add-on for Senior sessions :)


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