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Kristen is the owner of Natural Glow here in Portland, Oregon. She just started her own business as an Esthetician and offers facials, hair removal, and makeup applications. I have worked with Kristen on photo shoots (check out Hunteroses shoot) and she has provided the most beautiful makeup applications. Recently she asked me if I would take head shots of her for her new business and I was honored to do so.

Please read the following interview to learn more about Kristen.

Q: What made you interested in becoming an esthetician?
If I had to guess where my interest in facials and body work originated, it probably started from my first visit to a spa at a young age. I had an amazing massage, and as much as I loved receiving it, I also so wanted the ability to de-stress others in such a powerful way. I had battles with self-esteem and body image in my teenage years, as well as very sensitive breakout-prone skin. Learning how to best care for my skin is a huge benefit of being in this industry, and I love being able to help others with that information, too.

Q: What do you like best about your new career?
I love learning about all of the amazing skincare products and meeting with wellness experts locally. I’m not typically a big shopper, I like to save my money for things like travel. But, starting a business and being licensed in Esthetics allows me to buy products in bulk from my favorite companies and test them effectively. I also make sure to connect with seasoned skin care professionals as often as I can. Just this week, I went on a 2-hour aromatic journey with an essential oils expert, I learned how to do a mud wrap at the spa I’m working at part-time, and I played with natural cocoa-infused waxes with a women who has mastered the 7-minute brazilian. I’m having a great time learning all I can in this new profession.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see people make when it comes to their skin care?
One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying expensive products that aren’t suitable for their skin type. If you are in your early twenties, stocking up on $100 anti-aging serums is a great way to drain your bank account without much benefit to your skin. You would get much better results from using a hydrating cream that has spf 30. I’m all about experimenting with products, but what many people don’t know is that we are born with our skin type – dry, oil-rich, combination, normal, sensitive. For the most part, it doesn’t change over the course of our lives. When you get a professional facial, the esthetician should do a thorough skin analysis and tell you what your skin type is. This information can save people so much time, money, and frustration, as it should significantly narrow your search for the right skin care products.

Q: What do you like about working and living in Portland?
I like the community in Portland. It feels tight-knit and collaborative, and the people here aren’t afraid to let their creativity and passions drive their lifestyles. There’s a love for nature, which ties into my love of natural skin care products. There’s also a love for art, and I’ve had an amazing time working as a makeup artist on photo shoots with amazing photographers like Julie Gee here.

Q: You are also a writer. When did you discover that passion?
I’ve kept journals since I was a kid, but writing became a powerful therapeutic for me more recently. As I was living in San Francisco and reaching my 6th year at my job, I realized how anxious and unhappy I was. I wanted to leave my job, but I was terrified. I was working for my ‘dream’ company, but somehow I was miserable. I started reading blogs by people who were taking big risks to live a life they love. It occurred to me that sharing my personal journey might encourage others to follow their dreams. The day I quit my job, I launched my blog, and my journey as a blogger has been an incredibly eye-opening ride ever since. Sharing yourself authentically with complete strangers attracts deep, real connection.

Business head shot Portland blog2

Visit Natural Glow’s website to learn more about the services.

And check out Kristen’s blog as well to read about her amazing story.

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