Sisters – Sisters

This is a blog post more on the personal side. My younger sister Lena came to visit me here in Vancouver, WA. That made me real excited cause that meant that I would have a model for 9 days who I could practice new lighting techniques and ideas with . My sister and I have a special bond. We are cuties but we are also QTs which is in fact not cute at all. We have a heart condition called Long QT-Syndrome. It doesn’t really restrict us too much but there are certain things we shouldn’t do like scuba diving, skydiving, competitive sports, etc. We have learned to live with it and our meds are working great for us. We know how fortunate we are and we know that God and his army of angels are watching over us every single day. My older sister Hanna saved my life when she was only 7 years old (I was 5). I fainted while going down a water slide and then drowned in the pool. Nobody noticed but her and she pulled me out. I was diagnosed with LQTS shortly after. Now 21 years later I am just amazed how great our God is and how many times he has saved me and keeps saving me. I am thankful for my sisters. We might not always see eye to eye but we will always be there for each other. I know I wouldn’t be here without my sister Hanna.

My sisters are truly beautiful inside and out!

Here are a few images I took of my little sister while she was here.

lena-blog lena-blog2 lena-blog3

These shots were taken at Cannon Beach, OR.


And these shot totally messed up my apartment. It smelled like baby powder for weeks and I am still finding glitter in the carpet.

lena-blog5 lena-blog6

And this is my older sister Hanna with her firstborn Elias back in 2012 when I was visiting.

mom with boy


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