Monument Valley

We stayed in Monument Valley over night in The View Hotel. We got there just in time for the sunset (although there is not much sun to see)

across country-32

across country-33

across country-34

And then it got dark and I started to do some long exposure photography. You can see a trail of headlights on the dirt road when you look real close.

across country-36

We ate dinner at the Restaurant which is attached to the Hotel and relaxed for a little while in our hotel room. The moon came out and I experimented for the first time with star photography. I wasn’t able to get good star trail pictures because the moon was too bright. But here is what I got:

across country-37

across country-38

across country-39

When I woke up early in the morning (I had set my alarm obviously – not a morning person) I really wanted to take some nice sunrise pictures. But when I walked out onto the balcony (which face the Mittens by the way) I saw clouds and fog and snow. Which was pretty exciting!

across country da-2

across country da-3

across country da-6

across country da-7

across country da-8

across country da-4

A few minutes after I had finished my morning shoot the fog moved into the Valley and the Mittens were gone. I am so happy and thankful that I got the chance to take pictures that morning before the fog moved in!

across country da-9


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