Hard Drive Trouble

My hard drive the WD passport 2TB fell from my coffee table while connected to my laptop and while I was working on files that were saved on it. So I tried to reconnect it, but my computer wouldn’t recognize the drive anymore and it also made a weird beeping noise and it blinked fast as well. So I disconnected it and started to research about “WD passport dropped doesn’t work anymore beeping noise” and I found all kinds of interesting answers. One was that the laser head could be stuck on the drive. That seems to be a common problem with the passport. Everyone is warning you not to open the drive yourself if you want to recover your data. So I was scared for about 4 months. I even went to a data recovery firm and got quotes from some other firms, but I just couldn’t pay the $1000-2000. So after some more research I decided to do it myself.

This video guided me through the whole process:


I used my bathroom as my “clean room”. I took everything out. Washed the walls, the blinds, scrubbed the floor and let it all dry. My bathroom has never been so clean …


Then I went out to get the right tools, cause who has that size of screwdriver at home? You need a slotted mini screwdriver to get the case opened. I used size 3/32.


I then opened the case which wasn’t easy at all. I thought the case would break. It just didn’t want to open, but with a little patience I got it. You have to go in on every side and it will eventually comes off.


This is how it looks once you get the case opened.


Unfortunately I didn’t know at that point that I need a Torx Screw Driver, so I had to go back to Sears once I got the drive out of the case.


I also bought gloves to keep all parts of the drive as clean as possible and I also changed gloves frequently throughout the process.


So I unscrewed the first 3 visible screws with a mini torx screwdriver size T-6, but that wouldn’t let me open it, so I discovered some more under the sticker. And under the big white sticker were little silver stickers that covered the screws. So I got all those off.


And me using the torx…


Here is one of the silver stickers underneath the big one …


And then I was able to open the drive. And just as I expected it to be the laser head was stuck on the drive. I was super excited to see that my diagnosis had been right, but also worried how to get the laser head of the disk without scratching it. So I watched that part of the video again …


I stuck my torx screwdriver into the middle of the disk and put my index finger of the other hand on the very end of the laser so that I wouldn’t touch the disk. I twisted the screwdriver against the clock while I pushed the laser back. Krrr Krrr Krrrr – three times and then the laser head was off the disk WITHOUT scratching it.

Now I just had to get the little dusk that got onto the disk off it. I saw three little dusk particles. I put a new glove on and went over the dusk particles with my index finger, almost without touching the disk. That got them off without leaving a trace. OK you got me! I left a little smudge … but that didn’t seem to affect the end result.

So I screwed everything back together and connected the drive to my pc.

And guess what ?!

It worked!!!! :)

But seriously it is important to know why your drive is not working anymore. I expected that the laser head was stuck on the disc, because I couldn’t hear and feel the disc spinning anymore when I connected the hard drive to the computer.

I would not have been so confident to open my drive if I wouldn’t have been sure that the head was stuck!

If you are thinking about opening your hard drive I really recommend that you watch this video:



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