Smithonian’s National Zoo – Washington DC

My parents were visiting back in September. Usually you are more active when you have guests, you want to show them around and go to interesting places. So that’s what we did. The sunset pictures were taken on the other side of the Bay Bridge. I have no idea why it took me so long to post these. They have been ready for months.




We also decided to check out the Zoo in Washington DC. It’s free and we had never been there before. I personally do not like zoos for different reasons. But I try to see the positive in them…

Look at this squeezable little monkey, isn’t he cute?



Weird place for a duck, I know. I was like “What??” I had never seen a duck in a tree before. I guess that’s what happens when a duck has to live in a zoo ;)

duck on tree

dc zoo

Isn’t he the prettiest?

quack quack

peacock female


And then the final awesomeness. A blue frog.

Blue frog

If you are wondering where all the cool picutres of tigers, lions, elephants, gorillaz, etc are – well … don’t ask.


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