Mexico – Riviera Maya

I got the opportunity to travel to Mexico in January with my husband. He went on a business trip and I had a great vacation. That’s how I like it. It was nice to be in a resort for once and not have to worry about finding a place to sleep at night. I do love my low budget travels, but I also really enjoyed this all inclusive hotel stay. Spent most of my time at the beach or pool. Rea

d three books of which “Sleeping Doll” was my favorite and gained at least 5 pounds. Luckily I got sick when we got back so I lost them without doing anything. Blowing your nose and coughing is a great exercise for your abs by the way. The Riviera Maya has some real nice attractions. Maya ruins, beautiful beaches, cenotes, coral reefs, turtles ect. I would definitely go back there, but would make it into an adventure tour with camping and four wheel drive through the jungle.

Coba Maya Ruin

Tulum Maya Ruins

Tulum Beach

So we only had 4 days where Andy didn’t have to be in meetings. One day we went to Coba and Tulum to see the Maya ruins. That was quiet interesting. I usually don’t go on guided tours and now I know why. Just too many people and everything takes 100x longer. But it is nice to have someone do all the planning for you and you just have to follow like a little sheep.

Barcelo Resort Beach

Barcelo Resort Beach II

Barcelo Resort Pier

Our Resort was awesome! All inclusive! Great beaches, big pools, gym, shops ect. You really did not need to leave the resort. Barcelo Maya Beach Resort was definitely a great place to spend 12 days. The employees were all very nice and helpful. And the food was usually really good too. They had weddings every day at the resort beach. And I of course watched almost every single one of them. What a beautiful place to get married!

Is that a houndfish


Andys first snorkeling trip

On another day we went on a half day snorkeling trip by “Mayan Adventure” on their “Snorkeling Tours”. Unfortunately it was the coldest day and we really didn’t want to get into the water. They had three stops. First stop was the Lagoon. You were snorkeling by Mangroves and lots of fish, we saw a sting ray and snorkeled all the way to the open ocean and saw the coral reef. I took some underwater pictures with an underwater disposable film camera. Out of 24 pictures I got one that I really like. So I guess it was worth it.

Private Cenote

Private Cenote II

The second and third stop were kind of the same place. One was an open cenote and right next to it was the closed one. Instead of going snorkeling with the others I decided to get my tripod from the tour van and to start shooting. Very good decision I must say. I only went on this tour because I wanted to take some cool pictures of a cenote. Now I wish I wouldn’t have spent so much time at the pool and would have done more trips into the country. I really wanted to go and take pictures of the famous Ik-Kil cenote, but I guess I will have to do that some other time. I’ll be back.



Long exposure coral

I can really recommend this area to anyone. And I sure hope that I can come back here one day.


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