Trip to Southern Oregon

Oregon might be rainy, but the landscape is making up for it.

Upper Table Rock


This is the view from the Upper Table Rock in Medford looking at Mt McLouglin. I didn’t hike all the way up, because I didn’t have enough time, but from what I can tell the hike is really nice. Very intesting vegetation and great views.





It’s just a short hike down to Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls from Mill Creek Road in Prospect. Both falls are just a few hundret feet apart. They fall into Rogue River. The view is spectecular.


Lost Creek Lake is a reservoir dam lake and you drive over it on your way to Crater Lake. On my way back I just had to stop and capture the sunset.



Came back the next day to Mill Creek Road in Prospect, because I red online that once you drive over the Rogue River there is a parking lot and when you hike just a couple minutes through the woods you will get a nice view of the bridge and the Rogue River. Definitely worth it!


This picture (above) is north of the big Mill Creek Falls. These falls are called Pearsoney Falls. The hike is beautiful along the creek.


The Rogue River goes under lava rocks and disapears for a little bit. It comes out of the rocks and basically looks like a little spring/waterfall. This place is called Natural Bridge. Very interesting to visit. Easy access and a short walk from the parking lot.


Now National Falls is off Highway 230 and based on the internet directions I’ve found easy to find. But oh boy did I have a scary drive on the forest roads. I followed the sign to the falls, but then there were no more signs for a very long time. Then after driving for 10 minutes I finally found another sign to the falls. Found the pakring lot and started walking on the trail. Maybe I should have red the sign a little bit better, but it sure is not a short hike. It says online, it’s just 0.5 miles, but you are going down down down very steep (and you have to go the same way up again). So it does take quiet a while. When I got down to the falls the wind was blowing the water right into my face and onto my camera. Had to shield my camera with my hand and take the pictures real quick. Quiet a challenge, but this is one of my favorite waterfalls I’ve seen on this trip.


Visiting Lemolo Falls was quiet an adventure. Even harder to find than National Falls. This time I wrote down all the information I could find on how to get there. You really have to go deep into the woods on forest roads. When I got up there snow was covering the ground. But I kept driving telling myself that the car can handle a little snow (didn’t have a 4WD). The directions online where spot on and I was able to find the trailhead (only a small wooden sign “Lemolo Falls” – no additional information). So I started hiking. Couldn’t even see the river or hear the waterfall. It says it’s 1.5 miles online, but it goes down into a canyon and is a really winding steep trail, but very beautiful. Hiking down I left the snow behind and it felt like hiking into a rainforest. The waterfall is gorgeous. I am surprised that it is not more popular.


I just had to stop at Crater Lake on my way back from Lemolo Falls. Had to go all the way around to the South Entrance since the North Entrance was already closed. Getting there was no problem at all. The road was clear and the drive pretty. It was pretty close to sunset when I got there and the lake just looked so peaceful. The snow up there was already 1.5 meters high. I saw a picture online by someone who went on a snowshoe trip around Crater lake in winter and captured the sunset from the other side. Usually the sun is in your back when you are in the lodge parking lot and you never get a good sunset picture, that’s why winter sunset pictures are so rare.





There were many more falls on my I-need-to-see-this-waterfall-list, but Toketee Falls was one I was really excited about and I just had to go to. So on my last day in Oregon I decided I just have to drive up there. It was raining, of course, but it didn’t matter. The drive along the Umpqua River was captivating. Lots of little streams arose all the way along the road. I had to stop so many times, cause I saw one picture opportunity after another. The hike from the parking lot is really not that long and goes along the North Umpqua River. There are stone steps and great views along the way. Then you get to a platform from where you are able to see the waterfall. You really only have this one spot to take pictures of the waterfalls, but that’s ok I guess.


One thing I really like in Oregon is the fog (or low hanging clouds – that’s what I would call them).

Oregon has a lot to offer and is great for landscape photographers.


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